Assuming you survive the disaster, or boss, you will be granted coins at the end of the round, based on multiple conditions. This means, you cannot die by the disaster, falling off the map, or resetting your character. Dead players are marked by a red name and image on the upper-right corner of the screen. When you survive, you will be awarded extra coins, based off various conditions.

Name Coins Earned Exp Earned Info
Coins Disaster Amount Coins Earned The standard coins that are handed out for surviving. Each disaster has a specific amount it gives, which can change based on things such as
Coins Disaster Amount None The bonus given from the double coins gamepass
3 Streak 80 80 Surviving 3 Disasters in a row
7 Streak Surviving 7 Disasters in a row
21 Streak Surviving 21 Disasters in a row

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